Faith with Trust and Trust with Faith

Posted February 22, 2018
I don't know about you but at times I feel like I struggle to trust. For me, I find myself seeking different things to put my trust in. We put our trust in politics, the media, the weather, and sports. They always let us down. We even put trust in humanity. Humanity always lets us down too.Trust leads to faith. Faith is difficult, isn't it? Our scripture texts this weekend reminds us we put our trust in the wrong …
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Steadfast Under Trial

Posted February 14, 2018
Everyone faces temptation. No matter how spiritually disciplined a person is, one way or the other, you will be tempted. Our world is full of people who face temptation day-in and day-out. Sometimes the temptation is small and sometimes it is an enormous struggle to overcome. Regardless, we all know what temptation feels like. So, what exactly is temptation?Temptation is an enticement or desire to go beyond the boundaries that God has established. Normally a sense of guilt follows your "falling" …
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God and Mountains

Posted February 8, 2018
Mountains are an amazing part of God's creations. We do not have mountains in the Midwest. I have seen mountains in my travels and maybe you have too. My travels have taken me to the Rockies out west, Appalachians out east, the Alps in Europe, and a few ranges in Central America. The most spectacular mountain I have experienced was in Japan, Mt. Fuji.In the Bible, mountains have specific moments where God's presence reveals something …
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It's My Way or the Highway!

Posted January 24, 2018
Have you ever heard the expression, "it's my way or the highway?" You can almost guarantee this is an expression where the ultimatum is set, and this is how it is going to be. Sometimes this is needed. It can be a good thing as long as the intentions are for the better of the family or community. Other times it can be used in a controlling or negative way.  In this sense, the importance lies in the need to …
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Time to Act

Posted January 17, 2018
Last Sunday my wife, Andrea, and I took a trip to downtown Chicago.  It was a trip that I had been thinking about taking for some time, but had just not gotten around to it.  But now was the time.  It wasn't a trip downtown to see a play or to go to a fancy restaurant.  We drove to Trinity Lutheran Church in Lisle Illinois and joined a bus full of Lutherans as we headed downtown to join 6,000 other people …
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January 2018 Schulte Mission News

Posted January 17, 2018
Schulte Mission HighlightsOn Christmas Day, the Schultes witnessed a childrens’ baptism service and six adult confirmations at Alpha Omega Lutheran Church in Dapaong, Togo. Back home in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Pastor Gary bravely joined in a Sunday afternoon game of outdoor floorball. Of the six teams, his was the only adult team—the rest were high school age. Gary said that he stood out among the players as the oldest and whitest! The regional leadership team has received a shipment of resources for theological study and worship …
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Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Posted January 11, 2018
You might never have pondered the question of this week's title, "Why was Jesus baptized?" Baptism is Biblically understood as a washing for the forgiveness of sins. In this gift, God works and extends salvation promises. Jesus even taught us in Matthew 28 that who and how we are to Baptize. But, the Gospel reading in Mark 1:4-11 is all about Jesus' Baptism."In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. And when he came …
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Lost in the Dark

Posted January 4, 2018
Have you ever lost the dark?  It's frustrating isn't it?  What do you do?  You need to find a light so that you can see what's lost!Ever since the Fall of Adam, the entire world was lost and "in the dark!" Everyone was living in the darkness of their sin.  People had gotten so used to the darkness that they didn't even know they were lost! Then God sent his word to the prophet Isaiah to "enlighten" them.  "The people who …
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A New Start

Posted December 28, 2017
Many people look forward to a new calendar year. Often, the New Year can bring a sense of a new beginning or a new start. The New Year presents us with an opportunity to change things and start fresh.Some of us will look back on 2017 and reflect, "This was a great year!" On the one hand, some will think, "I wish I would have done this...or I wish I would have done that." On the other hand, we can even …
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What do you want for Christmas?

Posted December 21, 2017
It's the age old question.  Parents ask their kids and husbands ask their wives, "What do you want for Christmas?"  I remember asking my mom that question every Christmas.  Her answer was always the same.  "I just want you kids to be happy!"  What mom wanted was not anything that could be wrapped in a box and placed under a tree.  Mom wanted something more.  She wanted to experience our love.During Advent, our theme has been, "Prepare the Way!"  We are getting …
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