Finding Room for Jesus

Posted December 12, 2018
This Sunday, December 16 at 4:00 PM, our Vida y Fe (Life and Faith) Hispanic Mission will celebrate Posada.  Posada means “shelter” or “lodging”.  The Posada celebration is a retelling of the Christmas account where Mary and Joseph are looking to find lodging (posada) in Bethlehem so that the Christ child can be born.  At the Posada celebration a couple representing Mary & Joseph leads a procession around the church.  As they walk around the …
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God with Us!

Posted December 5, 2018
Advent is all about God coming to live with us.  Eugene Peterson translates John 1:14 in this way, “The Word (Jesus) became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.”  What an awesome thing!  Have you ever thought of Jesus that way?  Not just that Jesus came to be born 2000 years ago in Bethlehem, but that Jesus is STILL actively living in your neighborhood today!  Jesus said, I will be with you ALWAYS!  That …
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What has been your favorite Christmas gift?

Posted November 28, 2018
I've had a lot of special gifts for Christmas, but one of my most memorable gifts that I ever received was a new…car engine!My family moved to Flint, Michigan in the summer of 2000.  Flint is the birthplace of GM, and is known as "Buick City" so, when I was looking to buy a new car, I bought… a Buick!  It wasn't actually new.  It was a used station wagon with 50,000 miles, but it was nice and clean with plenty …
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Your King is Coming!

Posted November 21, 2018
This Advent Season…Please join us this Advent season as we celebrate Jesus’ coming into our world with the theme: “Your King is Coming!” Advent marks the beginning of a new Church Year. The term “advent” is derived from a Latin word that means “coming”. This Advent season we celebrate a new opportunity to welcome Jesus into our hearts and lives!Good Shepherd will host Midweek Advent Worship Service for the first three Wednesdays in December at 7:00 …
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What is your treasure? Matthew 6:20-21

Posted November 15, 2018
The recent fires in Northern California remind us of the temporal nature of our possessions. In just moments, hundreds of homes were burnt to the ground and families were left with no earthly possessions. What do you treasure most? In her book, "The Burning House:  What would you take?"  Maria Popova asked that question a little differently.  She asked people, "If your house was on fire, what would you make sure and take with you?"  The responses that she received varied greatly …
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Growing in Faith

Posted November 8, 2018
For many of us, we're very committed in certain aspects of our life.  Maybe you are a die-hard Bears fan! You're devoted to your family.  You're dedicated at work.  How is your faith commitment to your Lord Jesus?  What's holding you back from letting go and letting Jesus rule in your life?I know that one of the things that holds me back in my faith life is my desire to be in control.  I want …
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Time Will Tell

Posted November 1, 2018
Have you heard the phrase, "Only time will tell?" I have heard some of my family members share this phrase, especially when there was a difficult situation or a transition coming. Transitions are tough. Time can feel like it stops or it can feel like it speeds up. My family and I are experiencing a transition. We will be farewell to one ministry family and starting over with a new one.Through this transition, I feel like I keep telling myself, "time …
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What are you going to be for Halloween?

Posted October 25, 2018
Do you remember looking forward to Halloween and asking your friends, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" A super hero?  A princess? A ghost?  Last Saturday, we had about 300 trick-or-treaters (plus parents!) show up at our annual Good Shepherd "Trunk-or-Treat." It was great! Thanks, to all who decorated their cars or helped donate candy.  It was a great time to get more connected with our community!Halloween has become the second most popular …
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Patience in Suffering

Posted October 18, 2018
Are you patient? What would your friends and neighbors say about you? God's word says, "Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord" (James 5:7) If the only way to develop patience is to go through difficulty, we'd probably just as soon skip it! Every day brings some exasperation-some need, small or great, that forces us to exercise patience. Patience is just part of the equipment we need if we are going to cope with life, right? Think through the past few …
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Wisdom from God Above

Posted October 10, 2018
Wisdom. My guess when you hear this word you probably either associate it with someone you know who is wise, a peace of wisdom that you learned, or you already know wisdom comes from God above. When it comes to the Bible, people often associate wisdom in the book of Proverbs. James, however, certainly has thematic elements of wisdom and how we live it out and apply it to our Christian lives. James says, "Who is …
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