Time is running out: The Lord is Near!

Posted November 21, 2017
In almost every case, we base our lives with a calendar. School and work schedules revolve around a calendar.  Special events and holidays are usually the same day or week every year. The seasons of the year, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, help us coordinate our indoor and outdoor leisure activities. In our daily lives, we are creatures of habit following a pattern of our activities and special events driven by a calendar. Like most …
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Treasures in Heaven Matthew 6:20-21

Posted November 16, 2017
What do you treasure most? In her book, "The Burning House:  What would you take?"  Maria Popova asked that question a little differently.  She asked people, "If your house was on fire, what would you make sure and take with you?"  The responses that she received varied greatly based on the person's age and status in life.  One six year old boy said that he would take his Garfield cup and Lego helicopter! A number of older people said that they …
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Good Works or Faith Works?

Posted November 9, 2017
Often, you can find the world talking about themes found in God's Word. Sometimes they even can be talking about a similar theme and have a similar understanding of the theme. One theme, in particular, one can find in the Bible and in the world is good works. In the world, you can see good works lived out. The world will even be in agreement, with the Bible, that good works are important to do.In the book of James, James writes, …
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Making the Most of your time!

Posted November 2, 2017
Even though “trick or treat” is over, this weekend we will all play a “trick” on ourselves as we adjust our clocks back an hour as we “fall back” to Standard Time. Although most of us will enjoy getting an “extra” hour of sleep, we know that we can’t really gain extra time. Time is so precious.  Even though we may say things like, "saving time" or "buying time", we realize that time really can't …
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God's Amazing Grace

Posted October 26, 2017
Here is a moving illustration to explain God's grace. An old Indian, after living many years in sin, was led to Christ by a missionary. Friends asked him to explain the change in his life. Reaching down, he picked up a little worm and placed it on a pile of leaves. Then, touching a match to the leaves, he watched them smolder and burst into flames. As the flames worked their way up to the center where the worm lay, …
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So, how is Jesus messing with you lately?

Posted October 18, 2017
“So, how is Jesus messing with you lately?” (How do you see God at work in your life?)This is a phrase that I picked up from a brother pastor, Greg Finke.  Greg is from Texas so, let me translate. “How has Jesus been trying to get your attention lately?”  For me personally, I believe that Jesus has been telling me to, “Slow down!”  I had this same statement relayed to me by one of our …
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Obstacles We Face

Posted October 12, 2017
We face obstacles in life. As Christians, we have the obstacle of being disciplined in our reading of God's Word. For kids, the pressure of school, activities, sports, and the social whirl are eating away the quiet time to read God's Word. As adults, our jobs and vocations fill up our time and whatever is left gets filled with family commitments.Worst of all, we have two big enemies in the obstacle of reading our Bible. …
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Troubling Times

Posted October 4, 2017
The heinous mass murders in Las Vegas.  Devastating hurricanes and flooding in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  Tremendous earthquakes in Mexico.  An incredible number of murders right in our own back yard of Chicago. We live in troubling times.These recent events are so horrendous, so tragic, so overwhelming!  What's going on? These terrible incidents could lead many of us to become overwhelmed with grief or even become so resigned to the evil in this world that we simply become callous and uncaring.With …
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The Great Commission

Posted September 28, 2017
"I am with you always, to the end of the age" Jesus gave His disciples a great responsibility. Jesus said,"All Authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end …
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God Talking to Us!

Posted September 21, 2017
If prayer is "talking with God" then the Bible is "God talking to us!" What has Jesus been saying to you lately through His word?  You may have a preference of what "version" of the Bible that you like best, but the one that matters is really the one that you live out in your everyday life!  Ultimately, the Bible is about God's word of love for you in Jesus Christ! Wouldn't it be neat to know what God's plan for …
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