"I AM The Good Shepherd"

Posted April 19, 2018
This weekend, we are observing "Good Shepherd Sunday" in our celebration of this joyous season Easter. For centuries, the Christian Church has observed Good Shepherd Sunday during the season of Easter. The Gospel reading comes from John's Gospel, the 10th chapter.Of all the Churches, we have a special relationship with this text of God's Word found in the Gospel of St. John. The official naming of our church is Good Shepherd. For some of you, the Van Street window perhaps comes to …
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Are you “open-minded”?

Posted April 12, 2018
Most of us consider that being “open minded” is a good thing. This means that you’re open to new thoughts and ideas.  Taken to the extreme however, being “open-minded” may not be such a good thing. To the world, this means to be open to all kinds of thinking, all opinions, and all views—that there is no one truth, but that we need to be open to all different interpretations and judgments. To be open-minded …
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Jesus, "The Word of Life"

Posted April 5, 2018
Jesus Lives!The words mentioned above are the two most powerful words known to mankind. In them, we find God's lifeline answer to death. Life comes through Christ; "that which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we looked upon and have touched with our hands, concerning the word of life." (1 John 1:1) The answer to death comes through Christ; "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting? The …
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The Resurrection Victory of Jesus Christ

Posted March 28, 2018
 Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Easter joy and peace to you all!  For many of us Easter is a joyful time of family gatherings filled with happiness and sweet memories! But for some of us, Easter may be a time of suffering and sorrow.  This may be a "dark time" in your life as you contend with a loss or defeat in your life. But just as even the smallest light can provide a ray of hope in a …
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Triumph Over Tragedy

Posted March 22, 2018
Palm Branches. Coats. Crowds. Cheers. A donkey. Jesus. We begin our yearly pilgrimage through Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday starts with a king to claim His victory. Christ enters the city, as a King, and exits via a criminal's death. Nonetheless, Jesus came to bring God's Kingdom to bring His triumph over tragedy.Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem is unlike other victory marches. Worldly kings would enter into a city claiming victory on a stallion accompanied by a large army. …
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That doesn't make sense!

Posted March 8, 2018
This year more than 60 million people have come down with the flu in the US.  As tragic as these numbers are, it was even worse in 1919 when the Spanish Flu pandemic took the lives of over 500 million people worldwide! So did you get your flu shot?  It’s not too late!Do you know how a flu shot works? When you receive a flu vaccine, you receive a small amount of flu virus that enables …
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God's Word is Good!

Posted February 28, 2018
OK, quick quiz!  How many of the Ten Commandments can you name? Take a moment and test your memory...Let's see, thou shalt not murder, don't steal, don't lie... How did you do? Did you name all ten?  It gets pretty tough doesn't it? Do you remember memorizing the commandments for confirmation class? It's pretty hard to remember all ten of the commandments isn't it? Do you know what's even harder?  Keeping the commandments....God's word is clear, "All have sinned and fall short …
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Faith with Trust and Trust with Faith

Posted February 22, 2018
I don't know about you but at times I feel like I struggle to trust. For me, I find myself seeking different things to put my trust in. We put our trust in politics, the media, the weather, and sports. They always let us down. We even put trust in humanity. Humanity always lets us down too.Trust leads to faith. Faith is difficult, isn't it? Our scripture texts this weekend reminds us we put our trust in the wrong …
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Steadfast Under Trial

Posted February 14, 2018
Everyone faces temptation. No matter how spiritually disciplined a person is, one way or the other, you will be tempted. Our world is full of people who face temptation day-in and day-out. Sometimes the temptation is small and sometimes it is an enormous struggle to overcome. Regardless, we all know what temptation feels like. So, what exactly is temptation?Temptation is an enticement or desire to go beyond the boundaries that God has established. Normally a sense of guilt follows your "falling" …
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God and Mountains

Posted February 8, 2018
Mountains are an amazing part of God's creations. We do not have mountains in the Midwest. I have seen mountains in my travels and maybe you have too. My travels have taken me to the Rockies out west, Appalachians out east, the Alps in Europe, and a few ranges in Central America. The most spectacular mountain I have experienced was in Japan, Mt. Fuji.In the Bible, mountains have specific moments where God's presence reveals something …
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