Walking by Faith, Growing in Love

Posted April 26, 2017
"Walking by faith and growing in love"Where are you on your faith journey?  If you are a "good" Christian, you know that you have been "saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves it is a gift of God so that no man may boast!" (Ephesians 2:8-9)  If you are a "good" Lutheran you may have to ask yourself, "What does this mean?"If you are like me, sometimes you may struggle with your faith.  Even as you have received …
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Peace be with you

Posted April 19, 2017
"Peace be with you"We have a time-honored tradition in our sports culture.  The tradition is known as the "post-game handshake." Little League, traveling soccer, pee wee football, high school athletes, and NCAA athletes never miss out on the public display of sportsmanship. At the end of the game, match, or meet, athletes take a simple hand gesture and declare they are civil. This simple gesture is probably not thought about. Yet, the "hand shake" is something that is etched into the sports …
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Finding Christ in the Dark Times

Posted April 12, 2017
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Easter joy and peace to you all!  For many of us Easter is a joyful time of family gatherings filled with happiness and sweet memories! But for some of us, Easter may be a time of suffering and sorrow.  This may be a "dark time" in your life as you contend with a loss or defeat in your life. But just as even the smallest light can provide a …
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Holy Week

Posted April 11, 2017
During Holy Week we focus on the fact that Jesus payed the price for our sins by dying on the cross. When Jesus said, “It is finished!” everything that was needed to be accomplished to win our eternal life was completed! Jesus had fulfilled all prophecy. God kept His promise of sending a savior for His people.This Holy Week we will be doing some old things and starting some new traditions.On Maundy Thursday, we will have a special …
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Posted March 30, 2017
"Promises"Winter takes its toll on creation. I was reminded of this on a Metra ride from Elgin to Chicago this week. The forest appears lifeless and brown.  On a dreary day, the scene looks far from promising on how winter leaves its mark. We are in a transition period between seasons. Our season is officially Spring. Yet, the mark of winter is still present in the creation.Spring is a promising season. The days are longer. …
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Walking with Jesus in Worship

Posted March 23, 2017
"Walking with Jesus in Worship"What does it look like to be a "disciple" (a follower) of Jesus?  Faithfully following Jesus may look a little different for each one of us, but as we are guided by the Holy Spirit we all find ourselves on a path that follows THE Good Shepherd, Jesus as we "Love Jesus, Love God's Word and Love People!"One way we "Love Jesus" is to experience Jesus in worship.  In the book …
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Living Water

Posted March 15, 2017
"Living Water"What is the most important resource in the world? The answer is water. We cannot have life on earth without water. Creation would not survive without this resource. One can live a month without food but could not last a week without water. Water is needed to grow our food. It makes up about 60-70% of our bodies. This resource is essential to all life on earth.Consider God's WORD, "In the Beginning, God created …
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Are you a Disciple of Jesus?

Posted March 9, 2017
"Are you a Disciple of Jesus?" Jesus told his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."  (Matt 16:24)  Are you really following Jesus? Here at Good Shepherd, our mission is to "Love People to Jesus!"  That's WHAT we are …
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And Lead Us Not into Temptation

Posted March 1, 2017
"And Lead Us Not into Temptation"Everyone faces temptation. No matter how spiritually disciplined a person is, you have been tempted. Our world is full of people who face temptation day-in and day-out. Sometimes the temptation is small and sometimes it is a big struggle to overcome. Regardless, you know what temptation feels like. So, you get asked to define temptation. What would you say?Here is what I would say, temptation is an enticement, desire, or splurge taken beyond the boundaries God has established. …
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Listen to Jesus

Posted February 23, 2017
"Listen to Jesus"Have you heard of the phrase, "slow to speak, and quick to listen?" Listening is one of the fine arts of life. You might be able to hear the sound of the person speaking. But, are you really able to listen to what they are saying? Careful listening is more than merely hearing sounds. We have so many things going on in our lives that pull our attention. The day-to-day busyness can pull us …
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