Posted June 20, 2019
Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice! Did you already know this verse?  It’s one of my favorites!  I even catch myself singing the verse as a song!  It’s easy to praise the Lord for all the blessings that we receive isn’t it?  Except, when it isn’t easy... What I mean is, that it’s easy to rejoice when life is fun and things are going well.  It’s harder to rejoice when life gets rough.  When life gets hard.  Then, …
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Freedom in Christ!

Posted June 12, 2019
For many of us, summer is a good time to take some time off and relax.  Summer can be a great time to take a break for the “busyness“ of our life and get away and unwind!  We take vacations to get away and find some peace and rest! But what about those things that you can’t escape from?  What about those things in your past that hold you captive?  Are there past actions in your life that you …
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Pentecost, it’s a pretty big deal!

Posted June 6, 2019
This weekend the Christian Church celebrates Pentecost!  At Pentecost we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the early Christian Church fifty days after Jesus' resurrection. In many regards, Pentecost marks the beginning of the Christian Church. So, you could say that Pentecost is really the birthday celebration of Jesus’ church! What actually happened on Pentecost? We read the account of Pentecost in the Book of Acts chapter two, "And when the day of Pentecost had arrived, they were …
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What's Jesus up to?

Posted May 30, 2019
This week the Christian church will celebrate Ascension Day!  You may recall that it was 40 days after Easter when Jesus ascended bodily into heaven.  So what’s Jesus doing right now?  Paul writes: “Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.” (Romans 8:34) This verse tells us that although Christ’s work to save all people was completed on the …
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Bumps in the Road

Posted May 15, 2019
Lately when I sit down with someone I ask the question, "How have you seen Jesus working in your life lately?" People normally share about something good that has happened in their life recently. But sometimes, Jesus also speaks to us through those “bumps in the road” that He allows us to experience in our lives. You know what I mean.  Your cruising along the road of life and then “bam” you hit some kind of “pot hole” like sickness, …
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Happy Mother's Day

Posted May 9, 2019
Happy Mother's Day! This Sunday we celebrate with one of God's most special gifts...Mom!  Mother's Day is about giving thanks for all of the things that Moms do for us:  changing diapers, fixing meals and kissing boo boos, not to mention helping with homework, doing laundry, and hugging us when we feel bad. But Mother's Day is much more than just some day to buy mom flowers and get her a card from Hallmark.  Mother's day is an opportunity …
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Third times a charm!

Posted May 1, 2019
Have you ever messed up? Unfortunately, I have too.  Lots of times...  There have been times when I ignored God in what He was calling me to do.  When I think back to those times I feel embarrassed and ashamed.   In John chapter 21, Peter is still feeling ashamed too.  He has been an utter failure! Peter denied Jesus three times when He needed him the most!  In fact, one servant girl asked Peter if he knew Jesus, and …
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The Hope of Easter

Posted April 17, 2019
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Easter joy and peace to you all!   For many of us Easter is a joyful time of family gatherings filled with happiness and sweet memories! But for some of us, Easter may be a time of suffering and sorrow. This may be a "dark time" in your life as you contend with a loss or defeat in your life. But just as even the smallest light can provide a ray of hope in …
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Holy Week

Posted April 10, 2019
During Holy Week we focus on the fact that Jesus payed the price for our sins by dying on the cross.  As the week begins on Palm Sunday we join in the joyful shouts of “Hosanna! Save us!” By the end of the week we learn how Jesus will save us as we hear the angry shout of “Crucify!” On Good Friday as Jesus hung on the cross, He showed the full devotion of His love for you.  When …
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The "Other" Brother...

Posted April 4, 2019
 We all know Jesus’ parable of the “prodigal” son. Jesus tells a story about an unfaithful son who wastes his father’s riches. After “coming to his senses” the wayward son repents and returns to his father. The loving father comes running to his son and welcomes him back home with love! The parable is actually a picture of God’s extravagant (prodigal) love and mercy for each one of his wayward children. But what about the “other” brother?  Wasn’t he also …
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