Explore God

Does life have a purpose? If God is good, why is there pain and suffering in the world? How can I know for sure that the Bible is reliable?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions, but do you feel like you’re not really allowed to ask them in church? Well, I’ve got good news: we all have questions, let’s find out the answers together! I want Good Shepherd to be a safe place for anyone to ask any questions anytime. On Wednesday, January 9th, we’re going to kick off our Explore God Discussion Group.  These discussions will take place every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Gathering Room.  We’ll embark on a 7-week journey, looking at some of the hard topics that challenge all of us—believers and nonbelievers alike. We’d love for you to join us and invite your friends along for the ride!

Maybe you have wished that you could just raise your hand during a sermon and ask a question—or two or three? I have and I’m the pastor! On Saturday, January 12th, our church will be starting a new Sermon Series called Explore God. Over the course of seven weeks, we’re going to tackle some of life’s big questions, like: Is Jesus really God?  Does prayer really work? We’ll also get together once a week on Wednesday to watch a few videos and discuss them openly. We all have questions, and our Explore God Discussion Group will be safe place to explore answers with others. So invite your friends, and come explore with us! For more information, please contact Pastor Maske.  

Growing together in Christ,
Pastor Maske

Posted December 26, 2018

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