Sermon Series

Summer Sermon Series - "James: Real Faith for Real Life"

One of the greatest challenges that we Christians face is how to faithfully apply what we learn from God’s Word into our everyday life. The book of James is full of applications to daily Christian living. 
Our Fall Sermon series, “James: Real Faith for Real Life”, invites you to answer the call of discipleship, and will also provide guidance and examples of how to live out your Christian faith.

The letter of James addresses practical issues and enduring problems faced by many Christians: impatience, failure to do what you know is right, favoritism, apathy and selfishness. “James: Real Faith for Real Life” will illustrate a number of practical examples of how to apply Christian living in everyday life. The letter of James presents wise arguments and God pleasing solutions, culminating in the confession of our sins (5:16) and prayer for help from God, “the Father of lights” who gives “every good gift and every perfect gift” (1:17).

September 8/9 Real Faith for Real Life - James 1:1-18
September 15/16 Hearing and Doing - James 1:19-27
September 22/23 Forbidden Favor - James 2:1-13
September 29/30 Faithworks - James 2:14-26
October  6/7 Taming the Tongue - James 3:1-12
October  13/14 True Wisdom - James 3:13-4:10
October 20/21 Patience in Suffering - James 5:7-20 


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