Sermon Series

Explore God Sermon Series

"We all have questions about God!  You have friend and family with the same questions.  Over the next seven weeks at Good Shepherd we will “Explore God” as we ask the questions that many people have.  During our Sunday worship we will seek to answer questions like: “Does life have a purpose?”, “Is there a God?”, “Why does God allow pain and suffering?”, “Is Jesus really God” as well as other questions.

It is hoped that our “Explore God” series will empower you to discover new insight into these important questions.  You are also encouraged to join us for our midweek Wednesday Bible Study at 6:30 PM where we will delve further into these questions through small group discussions.


If you have never attended our midweek iREACH, NOW is a great time!  Please join us at 5:30 PM for a delicious meal. Please check out the “Explore God” website at for further information.

Sunday Sermon Themes:

Jan 12/13 Does Life Have Purpose?
Jan 19/20 Is There a God?
Jan 26/27 Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
Feb 2/3 Is Christianity Too Narrow?
Feb 9/10 Is Jesus Really God?
Feb 16/17 Is The Bible Reliable?
Feb 23/24 Can I Know God Personally?

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