How old does my child have to be to be in your program?
A child needs to be age 3 or 4 by September 1st of their entering year to be enrolled in our programs. We follow the public school regulations regarding enrollment.

Does my child have to be completely potty-trained to be in your programs?
Yes. This means your child must be wearing underwear, not pull-ups, to school. We understand children in preschool may have accidents. This is why we ask families to provide a set of emergency clothes to be kept at school in case the need arises.

Do you have child care available?
Yes. We have before and after-school care available for those children enrolled in our programs on the days that they are in school. Our before school care begins at 7:15 am and runs until 8:00 am when children can enter the classrooms. After school care begins at 11:00 am for our part-time program children and 3:00 pm for our full-time program children. It runs until 6:00 pm

What kind of curriculum do you use?
We are a faith-based program. We use our faith to help children make sense of the world in which they live. We have organized units around developmentally appropriate concepts like "God Gave Me a World to Explore: What Is In My Backyard?", and "I Thank God For Making Me" as two examples. There is a unit for each month. Bible stories and Bible verses are included daily in all of these units. The Christian faith is integrated in all that we do throughout the day. We work to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the children where they are especially in reading and writing literacy development.

Is there any time to play outside in your programs?
Yes. All of our programs have time built into them for children to experience outside play unless the weather doesn't permit at which time we utilize thelarge indoor play area at our facility.