Chosen for Change!

Have you ever had a story that you just can’t wait to share with someone? You’re “chompin’ at the bit”! You’re just looking for someone to tell your story!  If there has ever been a time in your life when you just couldn’t wait to share your good news, then you know how Matthew felt.  St. Matthew that is.  The Gospel of Matthew starts off with a bang! It’s a blur!  The Gospel of Matthew blasts through the birth of Jesus, shoots ahead 30 years to Jesus’ baptism, jumps right into Jesus’ temptation and then launches into Jesus’ ministry! Phew!

Matthew shares the account of how Jesus explodes onto the scene of history. The Gospel of Matthew cuts right to the core of the Bible, when Matthew records Jesus’ first sermon. “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near!” (Matthew 4: 17) That’s it! Short and sweet!  In just eight simple words, Jesus shares the Gospel message of the Bible!  So what does this “Good News” mean for you and me today?  Simple, Jesus comes to change you, and He is going to use you to change the world!

Jesus chose ordinary men and with His extraordinary love He called them to “Follow me!”  He calls ordinary people today too. He calls people just like you and me to “repent” (to change and turn from your sin), because “the Kingdom of God is here” (Jesus is here to live and rule in your life)!

By His grace Jesus has chosen you!  He calls you to believe in Him as your only Lord and Savior.  By the power of the Holy Spirit you have been changed!  You have been empowered to stand firm in the truth of His Word, in spite of the attacks of the Devil and the sinful world that we live in. As a child of God, you are different.  You are free to serve Him through acts of love and service to those around you.  You have been changed to faithfully and joyfully follow wherever Jesus leads you!

Through the waters of Baptism, through the life-giving Word of God and through the witness of the Gospel, God has chosen You to be His dear child. Jesus has chosen you and has changed you with His love! May God grant to each of us, His modern-day disciples, the compassion, power, courage, strength and joy to be “fishers of men!”

Following the Shepherd,
Pastor Maske

Posted January 23, 2020

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