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Return to Prayer

Posted February 24, 2021
Return to Prayer

“What is prayer?” When I ask someone that question, the answer that I often get is, “Talking with God.”  That’s a great response! Prayer is having a conversation with God. 

SO, how is it that when I ask someone to pray in a group setting, a common response is, “Oh I am not good at praying…out loud!” What? Most of us do OK with talking. Why do MOST of us have a problem with talking “out loud” (i.e. praying) to God?

Here’s a thought that may help. I am going to offer a NEW definition for prayer. Prayer is “being honest” with God! It’s not really all that hard to talk (out loud), but it’s a LOT harder to dig deep and be truly honest (“spill your guts”) with others. There are probably only a FEW people that you can really open up to and honestly share your deepest struggles and concerns.  Why? Because it’ embarrassing to truly “open up” with someone else! They might take advantage of your weakness, your foibles, your short comings. You would have to find someone that you could REALLY trust before you would be willing to share your deepest thoughts with, right?

Guess, what? That’s who God is. Someone that you can really trust with your deepest concerns. You can bring God your doubts and your worries. You can even bring him your fears of your most embarrassing moments…., because He ALREADY KNOWS!

God knows EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! That’s why He sent Jesus! To pay the price for all of those doubts, worries, mistakes, blunders, shortcomings, failures… ALL YOUR SINS.

You can be honest with God in prayer, because He loves you. NO MATTER WHAT!

Give God a shot and open up to Him in prayer. You may be surprised what a good listener God is!

Trusting in Jesus,

Pastor Maske

“Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)


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