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Sharing Good News!

Posted January 18, 2023
Have you ever had a story that you just can’t wait to share with someone? You’re “chompin’ at the bit” to share your good news! You got a new car! You’re having a baby! You got accepted to college! You’re just looking for someone to tell your story! If there has ever been a time in your life when you just couldn’t wait to share your good news, then you know how Matthew felt.  Saint …
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Happy New Year

Posted December 27, 2022
How many of you are looking forward to 2023?  Last year brought a LOT of challenges!  We pray that the coming New Year will be an opportunity to leave the old behind and begin a New Year with a fresh start! In this New Year, what will be your New Years’ resolution?  Is there a bad habit that you need to stop? Are there new challenges that you would like to take on? The New …
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A Perfect Christmas

Posted December 21, 2022
If you could have the PERFECT CHRISTMAS, what would it look like? What would that experience be like?For me the perfect Christmas would include having all the family together (especially the grandkids)! Everyone would be laughing and getting along. We’d all be sharing the perfect presents with one another and everyone would appreciate the gifts that they received. To boil it down, it would sound a lot like my mom. When I would ask, “What …
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Did You Miss the Sign?

Posted December 13, 2022
Have you ever done this? You're traveling on a highway that you are not too familiar with. You are looking for your exit and before you know it, your exit sign comes up and you miss it! Now you have to look for the next exit and circle back to get back on track. Frustrating right? We’ve all done it!God sent many “signs” in the Bible. Some of the “signs” were sent to reveal His …
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God with Us!

Posted December 7, 2022
Advent is all about God coming to live with us.  Eugene Peterson translates John 1:14 in this way, “The Word (Jesus) became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.”  What an awesome thing!  Have you ever thought of Jesus that way? Not just that Jesus came to be born 2000 years ago in Bethlehem, but that Jesus is STILL actively working His plan of salvation in your neighborhood today! I wonder what Jesus is …
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What is Advent?

Posted November 30, 2022
What is Advent?The Church calendar is full of seasons and events that are all meant to point us to Jesus Christ. Advent is where it all begins for us in the Church today. At a time when the world around us thinks of winter wonderlands and flying reindeer, all while going crazy over sales and trying to outdo their neighbors’ lighting displays, Christians are called to slow down and keep our focus fixed on Jesus …
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Be Born is Us Today!

Posted November 23, 2022
Please join your Good Shepherd family every Wednesday during the season of Advent as by the power of the Holy Spirit we are reminded that Christ is born in us spiritually today and every day! Jesus enters into us daily to strengthen and support us, save us and renew us. We are changed by his presence within us as we become more and more like him in the living of our lives. In our first …
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Where is your treasure?

Posted November 17, 2022
Are you defined by what you own?  For many of us living in our consumer driven society, the sad reality is…yes!  We live our lives, "keeping up with the Joneses". We want what everyone else has, or more!  But this approach to life is a lie!  If our goal in life is to find happiness in the things that we buy, we will never be happy and content because that type of happiness will never …
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Spiritual Gifts for the Common Good!

Posted November 9, 2022
I take great pride that I have a hidden talent! What is it? I can whistle REALLY loud! I use it from time to time at large gatherings to quiet people down or to get someone’s attention. Do you have a hidden talent? Having a hidden talent can be a good thing IF you can find a way to use it for the common good. But what if you have a hidden talent that NEVER …
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Committed to Christ!

Posted November 2, 2022
During the month of November, you are invited to join your Good Shepherd family as together we enter a season of re-commitment as we are guided by the Holy Spirit to become more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Our worship theme will be “Committed to Christ: Living a Grace Filled Life.” Together we will all have a fresh opportunity to grow in our understanding of God’s grace and in our gratitude for all that we …
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