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A New Beginning

Posted November 30, 2023
This week we begin a whole new church year as we start the season of Advent. What is Advent you may ask? The word Advent comes to us from Latin, and means “coming.” The events of Advent are all meant to point us to the coming of Jesus! Advent is where it all begins for us in the Church today! At a time when the world around us thinks of winter wonderlands and flying reindeer, …
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Thank You!

Posted November 25, 2023
A faithful sister in Christ reminded me that we don't say, "Thank you" often enough to the people that really need to hear it!  As I thought about what she said, I could only say, "Thank you for reminding me!"  So I would like to share a big "THANK YOU!" to everyone here at Good Shepherd who has been faithful to support the ministry that God has given us here at Good Shepherd!Thank you to …
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Where is your treasure?

Posted November 16, 2023
Are you defined by what you own?  For many of us living in our consumer driven society, the sad reality is…yes!  We live our lives, "keeping up with the Joneses". We want what everyone else has, or more!  But this approach to life is a lie!  If our goal in life is to find happiness in the things that we buy, we will never be happy and content because that type of happiness will never …
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What are you good at?

Posted November 8, 2023
I take great pride that I have a hidden talent! What is it? I can whistle REALLY loudly! I use it from time to time at large gatherings to quiet people down or to get someone’s attention. Do you have a hidden talent? Having a hidden talent can be a good thing IF you can find a way to use it for the common good. But what if you have a hidden talent that NEVER …
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What are you going to be for Halloween?

Posted October 25, 2023
Do you remember when you were young and looking forward to Halloween and asking your friends, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" A superhero?  A princess? A ghost? Last Saturday Good Shepherd hosted our "Trunk-or-Treat."There were hundreds of superheroes, princesses and dinosaurs running around having fun! It was so great to see all the families from the neighborhood join us for a good time. Thanks to all who are hosting a trunk or …
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Legacy of Faith

Posted October 12, 2023
Could it ever be possible that the church could forget about God’s word? It doesn’t really seem possible does it? Although it doesn’t seem conceivable that the church could ever forget about God’s Word, it HAS happened before!It happened during the reign of Josiah, King of Judah. While cleaning out the temple in Jerusalem, the priest found a book. The book that was found was “The Book of the Law.” These were the writings of …
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Running on Empty?

Posted October 5, 2023
Have you ever been out driving in your car and...ran out of gas?  I have, a number of times!  One time I ran out of gas less than a block away from the gas station!  I had to walk to the gas station, buy a gas can, walk back to the car and put a gallon of gas and then drive one block to the gas station to fill the car up. How embarrassing! The …
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Restored in Christ!

Posted September 27, 2023
We all know Jesus’ parable of the “Prodigal” son, right? Jesus tells a parable about a man with two sons. The younger son is unfaithful and runs away and wastes his father’s riches. After “coming to his senses”, the wayward son repents and returns to his father. The loving father comes running to his son and welcomes him back home with love! The parable is actually a picture of God’s extravagant (prodigal) love and mercy …
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Put down your phone!

Posted September 14, 2023
You’ve seen it before. You walk into a restaurant and you see a family sitting down for a nice meal (or even McDonald’s) and mom, dad and the kids are ALL on their cell phones! What could be a great opportunity for a family to come together has become a modern form of isolation….But it’s not just those “other” people! We’re ALL on our phones too much!  The average teenager spends nine hours a day …
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Back to the Basics!

Posted September 6, 2023
Now that Labor Day has passed this means that SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY OVER! I hope that you had a relaxing summer break and were able to “recharge your batteries.” It’s important to have a healthy rest/work rhythm in life. It’s good to be fully rested so that you can be more effective in your work life. With summer now over, this means that school age kids are heading back to school. If you are an …
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