Finding Room for Jesus

This Sunday, December 16 at 4:00 PM, our Vida y Fe (Life and Faith) Hispanic Mission will celebrate Posada.  Posada means “shelter” or “lodging”.  The Posada celebration is a retelling of the Christmas account where Mary and Joseph are looking to find lodging (posada) in Bethlehem so that the Christ child can be born.  At the Posada celebration a couple representing Mary & Joseph leads a procession around the church.  As they walk around the outside of the church they knock on the doors asking if there is anyone who will let them in.  As they go from door to door the people sing Christmas songs that recall the night of Jesus’ birth.  Finally, a door is opened and the procession goes inside the church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The entire reenactment is focused on Luke 2:7 which reads: “And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.”  

Mary & Joseph had a hard time finding room for Jesus in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus birth.  I believe that it is still a hard task to find room in our hearts for Jesus today!   There are so many things going on in our life.  Can we really take the time to make room for Jesus?  

We all resist giving Jesus the significance in our lives that He deserves. We fill up our schedule with events that pale in significance compared to Jesus. We spend our money on the newest fashions and gadgets and leave little to give towards God’s work around the world. We spend all our time advancing our careers and yet we say that we have no time to help others in our church and community.

As you prepare to celebrate Christmas this year, ask yourself this question: Have you left room in your “inn” for Jesus?  In this Advent season as you prepare your heart for Jesus to come into your life, ask yourself these questions:  What are some ways that you fill our "inns" and leave little room for Jesus during Christmas — and throughout the year?  How can you create margin in your Christmas schedule to focus on the importance of Jesus?  What are some things in your life you need to say "no" to so you can say "yes" to a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus?

Jesus is active and working in our lives!  He came into our world to save us! This Christmas, let’s all pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit, that we are able to find room for Jesus!  

Making Room for Jesus,
In Christ, Pastor Maske 

Posted December 11, 2019

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