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Confirming your faith

Posted October 27, 2022
Confirming your faith

Do you remember the day of your Confirmation? I was confirmed on Palm Sunday, March 23, 1975. I remember wearing a white robe with a red carnation. We had a public examination in front of the entire congregation. It was quite a day! This weekend, Good Shepherd will celebrate the Rite of Confirmation at our 10:00 service on Sunday, October 30. Camryn Antor, the daughter of Scott and Kristine Antor, will publicly profess her faith in Jesus. She will also make a promise to remain faithful throughout her life! That’s quite a promise, and she will need your help! Please keep the Antor family in your prayers.

Our confirmation program at Good Shepherd is designed to help our children to grow in their faith relationship with Jesus. The Rite of Confirmation is an opportunity for our youth to publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ, celebrate the promises given to them by God in their Baptism, and begin to identify with and become involved in the Good Shepherd family. At Good Shepherd, Christian Education is a team effort between parents, pastors and YOU as a member of our church family! We all work together to help support our young people as they continue in their life-long journey of following Jesus. Confirmation is a process. Confirmation of your faith is a life-long journey.

How are you doing on your faith journey? How are you doing with your promises that you made on the day of your Confirmation? We are all on a faith journey. Every day is an opportunity for each of us to grow in our trust in Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit to renew our baptismal gift of forgiveness of sins. Every day is an opportunity to have your faith confirmed in our Savior Jesus!

Trusting in Jesus!

Pastor Maske

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