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Holy Week 2021

Posted March 24, 2021
Holy Week 2021

During Holy Week we focus on the fact that Jesus payed the price for our sins by dying on the cross.  As the week begins on Palm Sunday we join in the joyful shouts of “Hosanna! Save us!” By the end of the week, we recall how Jesus did "save us" as we hear the angry shout of “Crucify!”
On Good Friday as Jesus hung on the cross, He showed the full devotion of His love for you.  When Jesus said, “It is finished!” everything that was needed to be accomplished to win our eternal life was completed! Jesus had fulfilled all prophecies concerning the promised Messiah. God kept His promise of sending a savior for His people. This Holy Week we will celebrate God’s grace and mercy as we look to the Passion of Jesus for his people.

Please join us at Good Shepherd this Holy Week as we focus on God’s love that He shares with you through Jesus Christ.  On Maundy Thursday, April 1, you will have a special opportunity to acknowledge your sin and receive Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness for you. On Good Friday, April 2, as we hear the words of Jesus from the cross, representatives of our Good Shepherd family will come forward to lay their sins before God as they are symbolically nailed to the cross.
Easter Sunday, April 4, we will gather for the climax of Holy Week! The resurrection of Jesus gives us the power to live faithful, repentant lives today! As Christians, you and I now live in the shadow of the empty cross AND the empty tomb. You are now empowered by the RESURRECTION POWER of Jesus to live confident, courageous lives trusting in the promise of Jesus’ love and forgiveness!
Celebrating Jesus’ power of forgiveness!

Pastor Steve Maske

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