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House Divided

Posted June 2, 2021
House Divided

The year was 1858. The United States was on the brink of Civil War. Tensions across the country were high. Pro and anti-slavery sentiments were at a fevered pitch. In the midst of this highly emotional season in our country, Abraham Lincoln offered his famous “House Divided” speech. Abraham Lincoln quoted Jesus as he shared the simple truth that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” The nation was on the verge of a civil war that would divide families and pit “brother against brother.” Nearly 750,000 people died before the nation could begin healing and coming together.

Today, our country may be as politically divided as it was over 150 years. But the real answer to our division is not voting for the right political party. The real source of healing from our brokenness is Jesus.

In the beginning God created mankind to live in an intimate relationship with himself and with one another. When sin entered the world, that close connection with God was broken, Even the loving relationship between humans was ruined. The fact is that sin separates us from our Father. Sin divides mankind. Our disunion from our brothers and sisters leads to strife and frustration Our division from God leads only to suffering and death.

But God had a plan for healing and restoration. When Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”, He was speaking in spiritual terms. When Jesus came into this world he came to rebuild the house of God. Jesus came to reconnect all of God’s dear children to Himself. When Jesus payed the price for our sin on the cross, He bridged the chasm that separated us from God’s love. Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus reconnected us to our loving Father.  When Jesus defeated death and the devil on the cross, sin was no longer able to separate us from our source of life: God’s love for His children!

Today you have been reconnected to a loving Father because of the work of Jesus Christ! As God’s beloved children we can now live joy-filled lives as we live to connect others to the love of Jesus. When we see others who are isolated and broken we can share the healing balm of Jesus’ love. By the work of the Holy Spirit even those who have been living apart from Jesus’ love can become reconnected to His saving grace! Because of Jesus, you now live in a restored loving relationship with a God who loves you with an eternal love.

Living in the love of Jesus

 Pastor Steve Maske

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