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Led By the Spirit!

Posted June 1, 2022
Led By the Spirit!

Just like spring is a time of new life and summer is a time of growth, our Christian life has seasons of growth and transition. Sometimes the growth comes easily, sometimes the growth is a challenge. As Christians living in a sinful world we sometimes face tough issues.  The season of Pentecost offers an opportunity for Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to enable their faith in Jesus Christ to grow despite the challenges that we may face.

Jesus told His disciples, “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth” (John 16:13). The season of Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the church of Jesus Christ. And just like the Holy Spirit came to the Christian church 2000 years ago, Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit to guide you is true for you today!

Hopefully, this summer will be a little more “normal” and you can take some time and relax! But whatever you do this summer, don’t forget to follow the Good Shepherd.

Jesus sends you His Holy Spirit TODAY to “guide you in all truth.” Just as growing plants need water and nourishment, so too your faith can grow as you live the ongoing forgiveness of your baptism. Through the daily renewal of repentance, we can continue to receive the refreshing forgiveness of Jesus’ love. You can be led by the Holy Spirit to trust in the truth of God’s Word.  As we continue to lean into the love of Jesus, your faith will grow as together we share His love with others!

Pastor Maske

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