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Red Letter Challenge: On your mark. Get set……

Posted February 16, 2022
Red Letter Challenge: On your mark. Get set……
We’re almost ready to GO with our Red Letter Challenge at Good Shepherd! What do YOU need to do to get ready to GO?

    1.  Please pick up a Red Letter Challenge (RLC) Book. You may start reading ANYTIME, but our formal “Day 1” reading schedule will begin February 28.
         (If you would like to help defray the cost, a suggested donation of $10 can be placed in the offering marked “RLC books”)
    2.  Sign up for an RLC Small Group to get the most out of this awesome experience! (Invite a friend to join you in the adventure!)
    3.  Pick up an RLC Bookmark/Reading Guide.
    4.  Check the Good Shepherd Website/Good Shepherd Facebook Page/Group for more information.
    5.  Pray that the Holy Spirit bless you and our Good Shepherd family on this journey!

The Red Letter Challenge is an opportunity for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. We’ll spend the 40 days of Lent focusing on the “Red Letter” words of Jesus. As we look at Jesus’ words each week we’ll focus on five main principles.
    1.  Being- Our doing flows out of who we are and who we become when we spend time with Jesus!
    2.  Forgiving– There is no sin too big that Jesus did not die for on the cross!
    3.  Serving– While serving others won’t save you, it may help save someone else!
    4.  Giving– If you are truly following Jesus you are generous!
    5.  Going– When God calls you to go somewhere, you never go alone!

You will be blessed as you simply spend time BEING with Jesus. As we spend time with Jesus in His Word, you will grow in your calling to simply follow him. This shared challenge will be reinforced every week in our Worship, Small Group Studies and Family discussion sheets to take home. You are encouraged to join a small group each week to support what you are reading and doing. Please sign-up for a group at the information table in the hallway or online.

I am excited about this challenge and look forward to seeing how it will strengthen our congregation and have an impact on our Elgin community!

Following The Good Shepherd,
Pastor Steve Maske
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