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Restored in Christ!

Posted September 27, 2023
Restored in Christ!

We all know Jesus’ parable of the “Prodigal” son, right? Jesus tells a parable about a man with two sons. The younger son is unfaithful and runs away and wastes his father’s riches. After “coming to his senses”, the wayward son repents and returns to his father. The loving father comes running to his son and welcomes him back home with love! The parable is actually a picture of God’s extravagant (prodigal) love and mercy for each one of his wayward children.

But what about the “other” brother?  Wasn’t the older brother in need of his father’s extravagant grace too?  As Jesus concludes this well-known parable, it ends with a twist.  The older (other) brother returns from a hard day’s work to hear the sounds of a party going on. When he hears that his father is throwing a celebration for his wayward younger brother he gets angry!  When the father invites him to the welcome home bash, the older brother shares his frustration!  He says, “I’ve been busting my bones all this time and you (dad) never threw me a shindig!”

Have you ever felt like the older brother?  I mean, you have been doing all of these good things for God.  You do the right thing; you work hard to support your family; you go to church. Have you been properly thanked for your faithfulness?  Have you been recognized for all of your hard work?  If you have ever felt this way, you need to ask yourself, “What have I done to actually deserve God’s love?”  

The fact is both the “prodigal” son and the “other” brother were in need of their father’s love.  You and I are also FULLY dependent on our Father God’s extravagant grace and mercy.  Like the younger son, we have been wasteful with the riches of God’s love.  Like the older brother, we have sometimes thought that we have earned God’s love. He owes us! However, the actual truth is that without the love of Jesus we are lost...eternally! Fortunately, Jesus found us and rescued us!

In the parable, both sons were lost, but the Father’s love found them.  We once were lost and now have been found!  May you be found in the Father’s love that comes to you through Jesus Christ!

Found in the Father’s love,
Pastor Maske

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