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The Woman at the Well

Posted March 8, 2023
The Woman at the Well

We don’t know her name, but we all know someone like her. She was a lady with a well-earned “reputation.” She probably didn’t have many friends. Not many people to talk to. She was all alone. We all know someone like this. Maybe this person is…. you!

The woman goes to the well at noon, long after “rush hour” to avoid the crowd. She didn’t need the hassle. She just wanted to get her water and go. Fortunately, she got more than what she was looking for. She met a man who knew everything about her and it didn’t bother him at all. Although she didn’t identify with anyone back home, this man Jesus identified with her and opened His heart to her. She was thirsty and looking for a drink. Jesus had come to bring her “living water” that would last forever!

Their conversation may have seemed a bit cagy at first, but she soon came to understand that this person really cared for her. As a matter of fact, she very quickly came to understand that this person, Jesus, actually loved her! In spite of her past, she now had hope for her future. Not actually because of anything that she had done, but because she had finally met someone who loved her in spite of her past!

Have you met Jesus yet? I’m not talking about what you may have learned about Jesus, I am asking if you have actually allowed the Holy Spirit to open your heart to Jesus. He’s waiting for you.  As a matter of fact, Jesus has come to meet you where you are and to offer you freedom from your past.

Maybe you feel all alone like the lady at the well. Maybe you have memories that cause you to live in isolation today. Jesus has come for you to rescue you from the bondage of your past. Jesus has come to mend your brokenness and release you from all the baggage of your guilt.

Are you looking for a true friend? Jesus is waiting just for you!

Spending time with Jesus,

Pastor Maske


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