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What are you good at?

Posted November 8, 2023
What are you good at?
I take great pride that I have a hidden talent! What is it? I can whistle REALLY loudly! I use it from time to time at large gatherings to quiet people down or to get someone’s attention. Do you have a hidden talent? Having a hidden talent can be a good thing IF you can find a way to use it for the common good. But what if you have a hidden talent that NEVER gets used to benefit others?

In Matthew 25 Jesus tells the “Parable of the Talents.” Jesus tells this story in response to His disciple’s question, “What will be the sign of your coming?”  Jesus shares the story of how a master left on a journey, but before he went away, he left his servants in charge of his property. After the master left, two servants were faithful in the use of the property that they had been entrusted with and one servant was unfaithful with the gifts that the master had given him.

As Jesus tells the parable, the master rewards his faithful servants, but for his unfaithful servant, he rebukes him as “wicked and lazy” and casts him out!  Why was the master so angry? What had the “wicked” servant done that was so unfaithful? The “lazy” servant had done… nothing! He had received a special gift from the master and promptly buried it! He was afraid and so he kept his talent hidden so he wouldn’t lose it!

What is your “hidden talent”? What are the gifts that God has given you to serve Him as well as to benefit others? Are you a singer? Are you an organized leader? Do you have a passion for serving others? We have all been given unique talents, experiences and abilities from God. The Holy Spirit calls us to exercise these talents as we serve our Savior Jesus. What “hidden talent” do you have that could help you and our Good Shepherd family to "love people to Jesus?"

Take the time to read 1 Corinthians 12 this week. Ask God to guide you on your faith journey on how you have been uniquely gifted to serve our Savior. We are all part of the body of Christ. We all have different roles in Jesus’ church. All our talents and gifts come from God. He equips His Church with useful and unique ways to draw people to Himself.

God does not give you talent to show off. He does not give you gifts so that you would hide them. God gives you His special gifts and His love, so that you would share the love of Jesus with others. Whatever your gift may be, I pray that you would use them to "love people to Jesus." Your talents are gifts from God. God’s greatest gift to you is His Son, Jesus Christ.

Living for Jesus!
Pastor Maske


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