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You will be my witnesses

Posted May 31, 2023
You will be my witnesses

What is the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen?  The grandeur of a beautiful mountain view?  A spectacular sunset over the ocean?  The skyline of the city lights at night?

I’ve seen some pretty amazing things: the sunrise from Mt. Fujiyama; the night sky filled with millions of stars while sailing in the middle of the ocean; the wonders of Africa: lions, giraffes, hippos and rhinoceros while on a safari in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro; watching a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean in San Diego. But these all pale in comparison to one thing, the smile on my wife’s face at the birth of our children.

I was blessed to be present at the birth of all four of my children.  I will cherish those moments every day of my life.  Those are memories that I hope I will never forget. Every birthday, when my kids were growing up, I would retell the story of that special day when they were born.  As we relived the story, the day of their birth would become even more special. 

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He reminded His disciples of their special times together.  He encouraged them so they would never forget how much He loved them.  He reminded them to share the story of how He had shown His love for them. Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses….to the ends of the earth.”

Wherever we go, we are called to bear witness to the beautiful things that we have seen Jesus do in our lives.  To recall how Jesus has come into our lives and to faithfully share that love story with others, so that we all can be reminded of how special our lives are in Christ!

Alive in Christ!
Pastor Maske


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