Meet the Pastors

Rev. Steve Maske
Rev. Steve Maske • Senior Pastor
Phone: (847) 741-7788 • Email:

Pastor Maske has a passion for sharing a simple message: “Jesus loves you!” Pastor Maske believes that God’s Word is clear on teaching of the importance of parents as the primary faith former in families. With this in mind, Pastor Maske has a vision to build a ministry that will support families by equipping parents with practical tools for sharing the love of Christ on a daily basis.

Pastor Maske’s model for ministry is Jesus, who humbled himself so that others would be built up with His love. As a servant leader he sees the mission of Good Shepherd to love people into a living relationship with Jesus!

Pastor Maske and his wife Andrea have returned to their home state of Illinois after serving recently in Flint, Michigan. They have four children and their joy in life is spending time with family and friends.

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Pastor Jorge Mazariegos
Pastor Jorge Mazariegos • Vida y Fe Missionary Pastor
Phone: (847) 628-6115 • 

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 Martin Balzer
Martin Balzer • Visitation Pastor
Phone: (847) 741-7788 • 

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