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Epiphany Sermon Series "Living in the Light of Christ!"

Next to Easter, Epiphany is the oldest and most venerable festival in the Christian church.  Epiphany means “to reveal” or “make manifest.” The season of Epiphany is our time to focus on the revelation of “who” Jesus is. During the seven weeks of Epiphany we will celebrate: “Living in the Light of Christ!”

Light plays an important theme during the season of Epiphany as Jesus is revealed as both true God and man. We read where a star guides the wise men to Jesus. Next, we read how God the Father reveals who Jesus is in His baptism. In his life, Jesus fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah who wrote: “The people living in darkness have seen a great light; of those living in the land of the shadow of death a new light has dawned!” Epiphany culminates with a special revealing of Jesus at the transfiguration of our Lord where Jesus’ face, “Shined like the sun” and is revealed to be the Son of God! 

Through these events, Jesus revealed his glory and many people put their faith in him. In this Epiphany season may the Holy Spirit work in you to reveal the love of Jesus who is “The Light of the world!”

Living in the Light of Christ Weekly Sermon Themes

January 4 / 5 - Obedient… for Us! - Luke 2:40-52
January 11 / 12 - Connected to Christ - Romans 6:1-11
January 18 / 19 - God is Glorified! - Isaiah 49:1-7
January 25 / 26 - Living in the Light! - Matthew 4:12-25

February 1 / 2 - Blessings from Jesus - Matthew 5:1-12
February 8 / 9 - You are the Light of the World - Matthew 5:13-20
February 15 / 16 - A New Perspective - Matthew 5:21-37
February 22 / 23 - The Shining Face of God - Exodus 24:8-18
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