Philosophy and Mission

Mission Statement and Goals

Good Shepherd Lutheran School provides a Christ-centered learning environment and is dedicated to excellence in student learning and teaching instruction.

Our school, as an important ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, works in concert with the congregation to connect people of God and others through Jesus.

Everyone associated with Good Shepherd Lutheran School, including our families, feel a strong responsibility for promoting our children's spiritual, academic, physical, mental, moral, emotional, social growth, and development. We utilize current trends in education, make use of active learning, and promote strong home/school connections.

Our educational philosophy is based on Holy Scripture, which guides us to become, "Wise unto salvation, through Christ Jesus" (2 Timothy 3:15)

Good Shepherd Lutheran School provides an environment that helps students develop Christian values to live by, promotes positive attitudes regarding themselves and their peers, and encourages cooperation with the adults in their family, church, and community.

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